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iDLVision Products and Services

We are team of veteran engineers with expertise in Signal Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Algorithm development on heterogeneous platforms such as ARM + DSP, Multicore, Vector engines/DSP, GPU etc.

ML/DL Models for embedded platforms

  • Face Detection and Recognition
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Traffic Sign Detection
  • Object detections – Pedestrian, Vehicles, Pets, Kids and any generic objects

Signal Processing

  • Speech and Audio
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Video processing and Analytics algorithms

Tracking Algorithms

  • Kalman Filter
  • Extended Kalman Filter
  • Particle Filter


  • DSP – Fundamentals, audio, image and video signal processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine/Deep Learning – Modeling and Embedded System Coding

Class Of Applications

We develop afforementioned algorithms, taking into account real time implementation issues such as memory and MIPS footprints,

for class of applications such as

Drones and Robotics

Automobile – ADAS and Autonomous Cars

Consumer Electronics Markets